I was recently in Brooklyn to work and shoot. New York City intrigues me. It feels as though there are worlds within a world, where even in a city of these proportions there exist smaller circles.

Walking down the street to the subway, I watch our neighbors walk out of their brownstones, wave and call out to cars driving by. They stop, roll down the window and have a chat in the middle of the street. Children walk home from the subway station with their backpack slung over their shoulder. Two old men in Chinatown, side by side with their food carts on the sidewalk, smoke cigarettes and argue. In the coffee shop in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a girl with pink hair behind the counter smiles and greets a customer: "Are you having your usual?"

I wish I could press a pause button in New York, because even in the frantic pace of the city I sense quieter and more intimate stories around me, but the current of the city carries them away so quickly,