forty-nine cents

I dreamed of you last night.

I had not dreamed of you in at least half a year.

I dreamed I went into a place I knew.

It had changed.

It was disheveled, disarrayed

I bought a coffee

It was forty-nine cents.

I saw pictures of me

And newspaper clippings

Placed carefully, deliberately about the room.

I wondered why these reminders?

Then, water

First a slow drip through the smoke detectors

(So many smoke detectors for one room)

But quickly, a flood

I started to panic

But I could not escape.

There were no longer any doors

Just myself, a room, rising water,

A forty-nine cent coffee

And you.

I felt a familiar fear like electric shocks in my veins

You pulled me onto the couch with you

And kissed my mouth, hungrily,

As if you wanted to consume me.

No matter what, you will always be mine,

You said.

I woke up screaming

And drenched in sweat.