I am a vast ocean

With the darkest shadows in her depths

I am a mermaid

Or maybe a sea dragon

I ride swift currents


Scout underwater caves

With only my intuition to guide me

Fight the monsters of the deep

With the strength of my body

They give me a black eye

But I win.

I flirt with danger

The bubbles of oxygen, havoc

Sensual on my skin.

I tangle myself in seaweed

Thinking forbidden thoughts

I bury myself in silt

The weight of everything

Pressing air from my lungs.

And then, resting in the shadows

Floating as if in a womb

My body motionless but my mind soaring

Above the skies, past Neptune

I am a comet

Or maybe a meteor.

I dance too close to the sun

Just to feel the burn

I ride light rays


I expand to fill the endlessness

The constellations a map

The stars like points of a compass

The faces of my ancestors smiling at me

This is the way

And with a black eye and a sunburn

There I meet the mind of God

(it is beautiful)

He asks, my love, my little fire dragon,

what took you so long?

She holds me and I rest.

night garden

There was once a place I thought


Shouldn’t I have?

But blood escaped my veins

And waited patiently under my skin

In the places where love should have been.

My sanctuary was a night garden.

Flowering vines grew around my body

And curled around my throat like a necklace.

I carefully tended every dark bloom

While I feared their poison.

Was that darkness so comforting after all?

I thought I was more beautiful for my scars.

I thought I was.